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Hengshui Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd, founded in 1974, has been the designated PM products manufacture for Hebei Provincial machinery and metallurgy industry. Our company passed ISO9001-2000 in 2003.

Our complete equipments include 60 PM compressing equipments and sizing equipments, 6 sintering furnaces, 6 heat treatment equipments, and 30 die processing equipments including electro-spark, WEDM, high precision grinder, universal milling machine, 10 testing equipments as well. Main products are iron and copper based oilless bearings, PM structural parts, motorcycle absorber parts, planet gear for automotive engine, PM counterbalance, and foundry brass counterbalance, widely applied in automotive, motorcycle, home appliance, lift, and A/C compressor motor.

Annual output can reach 2000t. Hengshui employs more than 200 workers.

Lift rope socket accessories have been the patent products in China, and authorized by OTIS, US. Our featured customer: Haier, OTIS, Royalstar, LG, Gree, Samsung, etc. Part of our product has been exported to US, Japan, Korea, and Pakistan.
1 Oilless Bearings
2 Iron Base PM Parts
3 Special High-lead Oilless Bearings
4 Iron Base Structural Material
5 Copper Base Structural Parts Material
6 Mechanical Parts
7 Energy-saved Heating Stove
8 Parts Combinations
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